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For The Gems In The Ring Of My Life...
Hello :)
Everybody calls me Chin.
I am a student and doing poetry is one of the things that help me to express myself.I started writing poetry when I was 17...stringing words together, all these years and now, when I have stepped into adulthood, has become one of the essentials of my life.
Looking back into the pages of my diary is like leafing the book of life, as each poem holds a reminiscent: a feeling, a faint observation, a secret confession, some far-flung thought, an indentation on the soul or a small journey into the alcove of the mind.
I want people to read my poetry and tell me how they find it...I want it to be the place where everyone whether he is a poet or is just plainly interested in reading good poetry would find a place for himself...

I have always been surrounded by a lot of love and care.I want to thank all the gems in the ring of my life:
My mother Farzana who has always been a very good friend, a patient
teacher, a wise counselor and an inspiration to write. Being a writer herself
she understood me more than anyone else.
Thank you Mama for all your consideration and thoughtfulness.
My father,who provided me every opportunity to do what my heart desired! I thank you for your undying support and encouragement.
My brothers: Faraz, and Little Sheikh Saadi, who have shown me both Heaven & Hell on earth. I love you.
My cousin Tauseef Bhai, with whom I have shared nothing but laughter,
that still echoes in my lonely hours especially for his unconditional love! My heartfelt thanks.
My best friends, my earth-angels, Sobia & Maira, who have always stood by my side and who helped me build my world again with worn-out tools.Thank you, I needed you so much!
It's to all these special people in my world, to whom I owe my work, my love and my life.

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