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~ You Haunt Me ~

You haunt me
like a stormy night
haunts a sailor alone on the sea
on a fragile boat

You haunt me
like the gigantic tidal waves
haunt a child on the shore
making castles of sand

You haunt me
like the howling wolves
haunt a traveller, walkig alone
through the jungle

You haunt me
like the winter chill
haunts the match girl
trying to collect the damp matches

You haunt me
like the inevitable death
haunts the woman sitting alone
looking at the last leaf...

You haunt me...
You'll get me...
I'm running for life________

Copyright Chin-Chin

We all have our own demons
that chase us ,
wherever we go_____
Dark shadows,
fainted mermories
encircling us,
sweeping us off our feet,
like a tornado
hunting us,
even to the other side of time___________!

Copyright Chin-Chin
  ~ Tallest Among All ~
Petals wilt
Leaves fall
Winter freezes life

Approaching the light
I witness
For one last time

We met, we loved
We glowed__
And how I dazed___
A drunkard in love!

You strode
I followed
The chase never ending
Slamming, shutting__

You slapped and I
Turned the other cheek
A fool in love!

I left
You never came
You prosper, your deceive
You breathe
As I lay
Under fallen leaves

On the land
Where you stand
Tallest among all___!

Copyright Chin-Chin

~ Light The Candle ~

Light the candle of fancy
So I may see your face
Shining upon me with warmth

Let the flame dance on time
By our breath, when we whisper
The sweet notes of love

Oh! Let the light blind my eyes
To the bitterness of Fate
And the fickleness of Love!

Copyright Chin-Chin