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~Poems About Life~

Blowing madly
Sweeping away life-
Their sting in strife

They erupt
Like a volcano
They blast
In age of woe___

The mind and thought
They cease
The wars fought

Lost, we breathe
Broken, we lie
Under Oak trees
Memories come rushing by

Copyright Chin-Chin

  ~~~Drenched Dreams~~~

Beleaguered by the demons
Of insurgent desires,
Bemoaning the fate
In a discordant choir

Dripping from the showers
Of false fabrications
Soaked in the misery
Of ambiguous convictions

Drenched Dreams!
My drenched Dreams!

Weary by the wanderings
On long & windy roads
Drained by carrying
The unbearable loads

Scorched by the sun
Heading the journey's end
Parched lips yearn,
Eyes thirst the end:

End of the journey
And end of pain
Ending the life
The Dreams remain

Thirsty Dreams!
Killer Dreams!
My Drenched Dreams!

Copyright Chin-Chin


What is it?
Or perhaps memory
This hot, blurry
Translucent shell,
Hiding me
Is ashamed of
My Rebirth!

Copyright Chin-Chin


You gave
What you could
And you took
All I had
The scales drip back and forth
As I weigh
The gain and loss!

Copyright Chin-Chin