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~ Winter Song ~

Mama Mama
make a place for me
i'm tired of fighting
and i...

i'm not ready
ready to sing
my Winter song
been too damned long
just long enough
for me to see
Mama Mama
i see everything

There's a big black star
in the center of the oceans
the deepest dark and gravity
where the last whale
will go to die
Mama Mama
there's a grown man cryin'

Make a prayer
if you come to see
the vacant eyed prisoners
the gallery
of lost hope
souls on fire
Pray for me Mama
i am a mouth
in the choir

There's a big black hole
in the middle of the Earth
the deepest dark and gravity
where the last wolf
will go to die
Mama Mama
it's a zoo inside

Look into the eyes
of the great black ape
His tears are real
the things he feels
his naked soul
the pit of shame
a guiltless pawn
to the zoo game

We are better
than we once were
not near as good
as we should have been
pathetic results
of a mother's sins
unto the Earth
do we begin

We are not embrace-ed
the far country of the dawn
mystery of the centuries
and yet we represent
what they would become

Do you see her rivers
in the coursing of your blood
feel the vastness
of her skies
in the Moonbeams
of your eyes
taste the warmth of her Sun
hot upon your flesh
suckling the nipple
of your Earth Mother's breast

The clamps of civilization
hold the wild animal
in the cage
of our indifference
ignorant bliss
one of the others
the others of one
until there are many
The many are none

My eyes have broken
The ice is broken
white and liquid blue goo
pouring down her frozen landscape
exit seeking
the passage through
Mama Mama
what should i do

We are a sightless dog
teeth gnashing
in rabid frenzy
frothing at the mouth
lips bared in lupine
snarling agony
at the dark bright sight
of no light
tight canyon
short circle
of our tether

Dripping fangs tear
They part the air
and it becomes
what air is not
rancid breath
of breathing death
and poison caught
in smoking dreams
the nuclear melting pot

This book
is the dark book
an untruthful experience
in the art of weaving
expendable lies
Mama Mama
my voice is deep
and the holes i creep
are the worm-infested tunnels
infecting the brain Children
of my uncertain device

Some are born to the danse
three-legged and lost
fairly stumbling
backing into the corner
of the finite circle
They are a log jam
of sad-eyed jesters
cavorting fools
unimportant and unnecessary
before they begin
to start

He walks among the trees
talking into the mouths
of their squirrel holes
hugging himself
against the leafless boughs
of the long dead
scraping his skin
on the hard bark
of that embrace

Kisses found
on the fluttering wings
of a starless night
kisses bound
as butterfly things
and marrow pieces
of bone infirm
dead sparrow
and the crawling of worm

And the flames of the faggot
curling melt of the maggot
surely as they burn
and their voices learn
the howling
depths of pain's hot flashes
as they join for ever
and ever become
a singular pile
of worthless ashes

A shaman's danse
plays around them
mouthly priestly madnesses
He gathers them up
chant chant chanting
He gathers them up
sprinkles a taste
on his serpentine tongue
rolls in the dirt
until the song is sung

He takes apart an eagle
before its parts can die
mixes them together
lays them out to dry
pounds them with a stone
ashes into dust
pours them in his war bag
shakes his fist at us

We are spinning in a mirror
focus out of time
only pieces of someone's yesterday
our stiff bodies mime
music of the dead
words already said
Embrace the false prophet
Look back until you find
what you want on rewind
Original thought
Get off it!

She wants a kiss
just like the kiss...
Clark Gable

Mama Mama
make a place for me
i'm tired of fighting
and ...

i want to go down
and live with the new Children
been waitin' too damned long
i want to sing to them
i want to sing
my Winter song
i am ready now
little piece of my life
like a good old knife
Cut it out!
My heart flops like a dying fish
i'm tired of this...

~ Lupus in A Minor ~

Her voice growls while she sleeps
legs furiously pumping, quicker and quicker
never fast enough to meet her friends
They are fighting a war of darkness
where the Sun stops and the Moon begins
uncertain peace between, essence of the tides

Slowly she awakens
having become a part of the place
where consciousness is suspended
her journey across the night
The wind whispers through the trees
She drinks the night scent
and is reluctant to awaken to attend the war

The faces of her family assail her
her brave mate, the first
When the angry bird came with the man-gods in its belly
he led the pack to a secret den but the bird found them
It chased them higher and higher into the ice mountains

She remembers the final nuzzling as he told her to take the others
her sister and the young male, the four healthy pups
Then the bird ripped the night, blinding them with the rays of its Moon
He snarled at the pups as they attempted to follow
and the bird tracked him as he led it away from the pack

There was a great storm as the bird beat its wings against the Earth
Fire spit from the sticks of the men as he raged against the storm
and leaped toward the bird
His body was lifted and held, black against a cloud of white
The greatest spirit she had known lay broken on the ground
and the man-gods laughed as the bird screamed away

Her voice began its mournful song
answered and joined by those in the pack
each voice different from the next
Hers above and beyond the others in its awful pain

The haunting sound it made was pure of lament
farewell to the mate of her life
She licked his freezing wounds, nuzzled his stiffening body
gathered her young and the others
The wind moaned through the mountain forest as she led them away

They are silent shadows, starving and running
when the bird finds them once more
Her sister stumbles, lays broken in a pool of blood
The young male refuses to leave her
nipping and whimpering nervously
encouraging her to rise and flee
The storm bird returns and he joins her for ever
Witness from the trees, wild eyes
She and her young are shadows watching

Thoughts of her young bring her awake with a start
Nature is merciful
The memory of the slaughter of her Children is held from her
She whimpers as she licks her fur
and tastes the blood of each of them

There is a howling come down
the most ungodly sound these men have ever heard
a single voice of thousands, crying out loss and rage
the darkest sign of profound pain and loneliness
It is not of this Earth
Fear stands their man-hair on end as they break camp

Unlike her black mate, she is silver
Their man-eyes don't see her until she is in the camp
They rush to their guns as she crouches in their midst
She knows what they have to offer, the release she comes seeking
She drinks their fear as the fire sticks speak
She doesn't hear their hollow nervous laughter
When it is over she rides the pieces of lead into the embrace of her family

They are gone running, shadows slipping through the storm
until the sweet ghost song
voices lifting on wind are all that remains
where the Sun stops and the Moon begins
uncertain peace between, essence of the tides.

Submitted By :
Thomas Paul (WORDWULF) SternerHowe

~Two Season Life~

While I reveled
in my summer love,
wind in my hair
leaves collected at my feet
scent of the flowers surrounded me.
never anticipating
that the same cool breeze
could make my sun
so deceptive;
burning my skin
scorching my heart
rays creeping
secretly, silently,
And now
I stand
with chilly truth
in my face
crumbling dreams
at my feet
and scent of delusionment
surrounding me.
Always anticipating
for the overcast skies
to breakdown
secretly, silently,

~Prodigious Favours~

Just one sharp insolent stare
of your cold empty letter
strangled the words
in my throat and
dragged me back into
the real world
where the gods
yet for another sacrifice

Submitted By: Muses

~Which Side of Darkness~

First came the twins
ebony and ivory, dark and light
seven winds between them
and all that came to exist
water and ice, fire and smoke
Earth and Heaven, rainbows on the horizon

Art is no sacrifice of dawn
Heaven's pins stars of light
enhance define mantle of night
No thing so beautiful
as Heaven worn thin
ivory ebony do begin

Between dark and light
are wars waged and love made
A seed nestled in the Earth
nurtured and secure
peeks out startled awake
no less or more alive than before

Ah liquid night, Mother's womb
daytime fear of water
We human value sight beyond
ignore our other senses
yet close our eyes each night
wondrous dark halo of sleep

Our Creator Maker of extremes
truth and reality lie between
mystery seen as darkness yet exists only
beneath the facade our eyes perceive
a shell what lies inside
Is one magick the other illusion

The innocence of youth
some perceive as light as if aging
some excursion into darkness
Both are true of course
knowledge multi-hued
spectrum of enlightenment

Finally lightness and darkness weigh the same
Youth fades and age enhances
People are not black and white
though they name themselves as such
When there is no death there is no birth
an unequal universe

Well these twins divided
are never far apart
defined by their imperfections and differences
Beware human entitlement
these things named made by Gods
coexistent dependent upon chaos

Submitted By:
Thomas Paul (WORDWULF) SternerHowe


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