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~Poetry Begins In Delight And Ends In Wisdom~

"Due to some reason I'm not able to update the website. I'm getting your submissions and they will be on the website as soon as I find some time to update it. Keep Checkng . Thanks!"

Hello Everyone...
I welcome you all to my web site. I hope you enjoy the visit and find something of your liking here.
The basic purpose to build this site is to share my world of poetry with others.
You'll find here, my poems, that revolve around feelings of love, loneliness, sadness, dreams
and so many other aspects of life...
Through this website, I want people to see the world:its beauty and ugliness through my eyes...

Poetry has taught me a lot of things...it has taught me to observe and analyze, to perceive quietly all the auras around me when others are busy doing their tasks. I quote "Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom"
(Robert Frost)
It is so true!
Words talk to me and tell me what I feel... I want you all to feel it too!
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